David Huntsberger's Animated Special

David Huntsberger —

Some of you know LA comedian David Huntsberger as one of the hosts of The Professor Blastoff Podcast. Well, now you're also gonna know him as the dude who created one of the coolest live comedy shows on Planet Earth.

On November 15, David's setting up shop @ TNM Austin for two amazing shows that will blend animation and standup together in ways that they've (perhaps) never been blended before. With the help of 15 animators, and funded by this neato Kickstarter campaign, the show's content is being kept under wraps, but from what we've heard about it, we think it's going to be a big deal.

Both shows will be filmed live with fancy cameras and mics and the footage will be chopped up and slapped onto DVDs, so if you're an audience member at TNM that night, your hearty laughs and infrequent silences will be immortalized in celluloid (or whatever substance that DVDs are made from).

Due to the pre-buzz and massive production happening with this show, we are offering an EXTREMELY limited amount of pre-sales tickets for this event, and they're gonna go fast. So if I were you, I'd snag a couple of tickets right now!