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Imagine a world without fees

I remember when back in the dial-up days, my father would call me during the middle of the day so that I could check stock prices on the computer while he was at work — a huge, yet exciting, process for a six year old. The whole ordeal was exacerbated by the fact that being on the Internet tied up the phone lines, making it an ordeal if he wanted  to act on the price changes. It would be an understatement to say that things have changed in regards to information, but what has struck me as odd is how brokerage fees still continued. Well, not really.

Say goodbye to trading commissions, and hello to the future of trading.

Eliminating any amount of friction helps to create a better experience, and even better when it's saving money in the pursuit to make money. If this was around during the dot-com heydays — who knows how crazy it might have gotten.