Commentary: Hayley Munguia — The 2,128 Native American Mascots People Aren’t Talking About

Hayley Munguia —

Turning the Washington Redskins into the Red Skins is unlikely to appease the team’s critics, though. Given that the name is racist by definition and no tribe has come out in support of Snyder, it probably wouldn’t pass the NCAA’s grounds for appeal, and it certainly doesn’t pass in the court of Native American opinion.

But even if the Redskins became the Red Skins or the Red Flyers or the Red Snyders, there would still be thousands of other teams that reference Native American imagery. Whatever happens with the Redskins, there will still be the Estelline Redmen, Chief Illiniwek, and the West Texas Comanches, each upholding the questionable legacy of Native American sports names.

67% of people from Group A are offended by the names of sports teams that reference Group A in a derogatory way. They also take offense to how some of these teams use demeaning caricatures for mascots to depict members of Group A. History and tradition are brought in to defend the names and mascots. On both sides: some care, some don't, and some don't even realize that it's offensive. Replace Group A with the race, ethnicity, or social group you most strongly identify with and see how it feels reading through the article.